Dr. Fred Sporta’s Visit to Livingstone International University (LIU)-Uganda School of Business on an international exchange programme sponsored by IUCEA

Dr. Fred Sporta, representing KCAU University, School of business, shares insights from his inaugural month as a visiting scholar at Livingston International University (LIU) School of Business.

During his first month, Dr. Sporta immersed himself in various academic pursuits, collaborating with faculty members and students on research projects spanning diverse areas of business studies. His expertise and fresh perspectives have invigorated classroom discussions and inspired innovative approaches to academic inquiry. Beyond academia, Dr. Sporta has embraced the vibrant campus life at LIU, participating in extracurricular activities and engaging in cultural exchange initiatives. His presence has fostered a sense of global connectivity and cross-cultural understanding among the LIU community.

Reflecting on his experiences thus far, Dr. Sporta expresses gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality extended by LIU. He looks forward to the remaining months of his exchange program, eager to continue contributing to the academic excellence and cultural richness of the School of Business. LIU celebrates Dr. Sporta’s impactful presence and looks forward to the continued collaboration and knowledge exchange throughout the duration of his four-month program.