SOBARC II Book of Abstract

The 2nd School of Business Annual Research Conference (SOBARC II) was held on the 27th – 28th of July 2022. The conference themed ‘Business Innovation and Sustainability amidst the Global Pandemic’ attracted students, academic scholars and Industry captains from Kenya and the global arena.

The University Vice Chancellor and CEO Prof. Isaiah I.C. Wakindiki in his opening remarks underscored the role of KCA University, as an institution of higher learning in fostering teaching, community service and active engagement in both academic and applied research. The VC and CEO further noted that the theme of SOBARC reflected today’s global approach to global challenges. He urged all faculty members to take up an active role in spearheading research in their respective areas.

The Chief Guest Speaker- HE ambassador Dr. Michael Mlynar while setting the Conference agenda, pointed out that Africa was in a sustainable development journey. However, he noted that climate change, the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, and geopolitical tensions were amongst the greatest challenges to Africa’s development quest post-covid-recovery. Dr. Mlynar reiterated that Research and dissemination of new knowledge through SOBARC was an excellent ingredient in the endeavour to achieve sustained development by the continent.

The SOBARC II Book of Abstracts presents a summary of the conference proceedings and will be a rich fountain of knowledge to academics and the industry for posterity.