Prof. Richard Simwa, PhD.


Associate Professor in Actuarial Science

E-mail Address

Academic Qualification

  • PhD.( Applied Statistics-1998 )_DAAD Scholar-Makerere/Tuebingen University(Ger)
  • MSC( Math. Stat.-1989)_DAAD Scholar-University of Nairobi
  • PGDip ( Actuarial Science-1991)-British Council Scholarship-University of London (UK)
  • BSC(Double Mathematics -1987 ) – University of Nairobi

Membership of Professional Bodies or Associations

  • TASK (The Actuarial Society of Kenya)
  • KNSS( Kenya National Statistical Society)
  • IBS (International Biometrics Society)


Prof. Simwa is a Lecturer and Researcher in Actuarial Science and Statistics. He is a Pioneer lecturer in Actuarial Science both locally and regionally. Through PhD and MSC theses supervisions, Prof. Simwa has participated in many research undertakings leading to PhD and MSC degree awards to the student participants, and the publication of several articles in peer-reviewed journals. Current research undertaking includes research on models for Stock Returns at Security Exchange Markets, Financial Ruin Theory and Stochastic models for HIV/AIDs State specific transition hazard rates.

Research Interest

  • Actuarial Science: Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics, Benefits Valuation Modelling.
  • Statistics: Estimation Theory, Sample Surveys, Statistical models in Medicine, Demography.

Selected Publications(Books, Refereed publications & Non Refereed publications)

Prof. Richard Simwa, PhD.